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  Survey Strategy
To be able to evaluate the state of any given rolling mill, a general mill audit is necessary. The base of this mill audit is the precise survey of the main mill components, the housing and the chock fleet. With our optical 3D-metrology we offer the precise geometrical inspection of those basic mill components.

Solutions for Chocks
Chocks directly keep the rolls in place so they have the main influence on the tools of every rolling mill. The middle axis of every chock is the base of the overall geometry. All relevant surfaces have to be adjusted to this axis.
  Solutions for Housings
The housings of every rolling mill are the base and foundation of the process of keeping the roll-sets in place and controlling the rolled geometries. Detailed knowledge of the precise 3D-geometry of the mill window with all relevant bearing surfaces is imperative for a controlled, reliable rolling process.

Pic. 1: Photogrammetrical measurement of a chock   Pic. 2: Measurement of a housing with a laser-tracker

In plant construction and mechanical engineering there is often the necessity of performing highly precise measurements. Component and shape inspections, calibration and adjustment, setup and positioning of machines are the measuring tasks which normally have to be done with a high grade of accuracy.

Pic. 3: Measurement of a backup roll with a lasertracker
     Pic. 3: Measurement of a backup roll with a lasertracker

CORTS Engineering's measuring technology provides accuracy up to 0.025 mm. A measuring camera (Pic. 1) and the Laser-Tracker (Pic. 2, 3) are optimally suitable to perform under production conditions (short time of measurement, insensitive to temperature). The Laser-Tracker is a mobile 3D-Measuring system, which works very efficiently and precisely. With its 360 degree rotation angle transmitter and laser distance system it measures the surface points of the 3D-target quickly and accurately.

Application areas:

  • System, machine or part positioning
  • Calibration and adjustments of high-precision units
  • Alignment according to CAD-Models, co-ordinate systems or to an object
  • Measurement of Stands, Mills, Presses, Rolls, etc.
  • Digital surveying and recording of buildings, plants and construction parts
    Pic. 4: Adjustment of a high-precision unit

  The results
CORTS Engineering not only offers a detailed interpretation of the results but also provides solutions to optimize the general process of production on the basis of their longstanding experience and expertise.

The geometric analysis of the chocks results from the 3-D coordinates of the targets. 3-D planes are then calculated from these data. The targets that are applied to the bores of the bearings are used for the calculation of the axis coordinates and the radius of the bores. Additional to the standard measuring reports the chocks can be presented in a 3-D CAD program.

To illustrate the 3D-survey results we offer a 3-dimensional CAD-format which allows an easy interpretation across the different fields of responsibility in a rolling mill.

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